The day when Michelle McLean signed my magazine

It was one of Miss Universe 1993 Pageant activities in Mexico City, it was the “Luxury Charreada” there were all contestants on carriage with horses, and they saw a very Mexican and unique show, pyrotechnics games, folkloric ballet and more.

You can not image the face of the astonishment contestants when saw amazons Mexicans riding those beautiful horses!!.
well, when I saw Michelle McLean, the current Miss Universe, I went to say hi, she was very kind and left the interview awhile for sign my newspaper, which says “Love Michelle from Namibia”.

I remember when she saw her own picture on newspaper, she exclaim “oooooohhh!!!”
I keep good memories from this beautiful and very tall woman.

Thank you Téllez (Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: AUGUST 2004

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