Amanda Olivares, 2nd. runner-up in Miss Universe 1988

Mexico had participated in Miss Universe since 1952 and it was in 1953 when Miss Mexico, Ana Bertha Lepe, 18 years old and 1.62 cm tall obtained the fourth runner-up spot at Miss Universe.

After her, only two more Miss Mexico made it to the semifinals, 1956 and 1978. It wasn't until 35 years later in Miss Universe 1988, in Thailand, that a Mexican representative is included amongst the most beautiful women in the universe.

She was Amanda Beatriz Olivares Phillips, 22 years old and 1.69 cm tall, a student of Business Administration with beautiful olive skin from the state of Puebla.

Amanda Olivares came with a different look that her antecedents, with a winner's attitude, speaking in English, with a smile and a stare of a triumphant queen, wins second runner-up at the 1988 Miss Universe Pageant.

Among the top five finalists, four were Asians: Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Thailand, the only one from the west and from latin america was Amanda Olivares

And that is how from that year on and consecutively Mexico was a finalist until 1991 when Maria Guadalupe Jones Garay won the Miss Universe 1991 title. Amanda Olivares will be remembered as the most beautiful Miss Mexico ever to represent Mexico in the Miss Universe pageant.

Thank you Armando Mexico (Chiapas, Mexico)

This anecdote is from the month: AUGUST 2004

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