Scott Grossman, as known as the choreographer of Miss Universe, is no new in his job, ex football player, scott has more than 15 years working for MISS USAŽ, MISS UNIVERSEŽ, and MISS TEEN USAŽ.

This choreographer from Minnesota is also and actor, he worked with Sandra Bullok, in the movie "Miss Congeniality", he has also worked in movies such as:
These Old Broads (2001), with Elizabeth Taylor, Dance Academy (1987) Dream Girl, U.S.A. (1986), Body Rock (1984)

And as a choreographer in: Raising Helen (2004) with Kate Hudson, The princes Diaries (2001). Recently he was the director of the American Choreography Awards, and has directed the Super Bowl.

Scott says that when he was in the Concordia University (an university of Liberal Arts) discovered his passion for the choreography " I remember the cheerleaders doing their routines, they were great, and when we used to practice for the next game, was all like to the right, left, it was all choreography!!".

When he participated in a play at the University, was when he realized that the choreography was his thing, no football, then he started taking ballet with the 6th grade girls." imagine me a 19 years old guy, 6 feet tall, and 95 kilos taking classes with these girls, but u know what? I loved doing it. Definitely my thing was to dance".

After graduating he won an scholarship to go to Dupree Dance Academy, in Los Angeles, where he became a professional dancer, he taught dance and choreography for musicals, and professional cheerleaders. Grossman says that he would never lose his passion for the choreography; Scott is definitely the key man behind Miss Universe.

Here are a few pictures of Scott in Miss Universe.






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This anecdote is from the month: APRIL 2004

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