Tabasco, a place of contrasts, with it´s tropical Sun, it´s exuberant vegetation, it´s rivers and lagoons and, especially, it´s people, was host of the National Contest "Miss Mexico 1993 ".

It´s natural beauty was the propitious frame for the development of the event that brought together women of prominent beauty, personality and talent from the whole Mexican Republic. The hospitality of the tabasqueños was present during this contest that for the first time was held in Tabasco. Country´s entry to the Mayan world and pride of the Mexican south-east.

At the Tabasco's 2000 Convention Center, the selective tests took place. 33 representatives of the whole country, displayed their charm, beauty and culture in five phases : typical suit, bathing suit, night gown, general questions and free topics.

Beautiful " Miss Mexico ", Fabiola Perez Rovirosa, from Chihuahua, was Mexico´s representative in the international contest "Miss Universe" Which took place in The Philippines and there she wore a typical dress designed by artists from Tabasco.

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*Text taken by Tabasco de Hoy Magazine, edited by State Goverment in those years.

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This anecdote is from the month: APRIL 2004

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