¡Happy Felicia!

She found a two decade career, love and a daughter, Isn´t that what we call happiness?...

Felicia** Mercado, the sophisticated bajacalifornian crowned as Miss México in 1977 is today a woman whose life gives honor to her name.
Felicia began working as a television an movie actress 1982 when she made her debut in the tv program " No Empujen" with the motto of " the Visual Attraction ", she developed a career of more 20 years and not only as an actress but also as model. Who does not remember her in "Rosa Salvaje" as the wicked Leonela, or in "Vivir un poco", or " Esmeralda"?.

In 1998 she married in San Diego, time later she gave birth to her daughter Ivana and in many interviews she has confessed she is a full and realized woman. We can say that she is " Happy Felicia " definitively I KNOW THE REDUNDANCY IS ACEPTABLE IN THIS CASE!.

** Felicia is a Spanish word that comes from "Feliz", which means "happy".

Our thanks to Eduardo

This anecdote is from the month: APRIL 2004

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