Do you know who is this sweet little girl?

... She is only child, and was raised by her mother and her grandparents because her parents were divorced when she was 3 years old. Her father, Gennady, was a nuclear physicist and her mother, Yelena is a psychiatrist, now retired.

Nowadays this girl is now a woman and is single, but she says that there is a special man in her life. She loves animals, specially dogs, she has three. She loves to cook, and her speciality is " Holland veal " that is roast veal cooked with milk cream. Her hobbies are: to read detective stories, as well as reading authors like Bulgavok and Dostoievsky. Has participated in theatre, painting, and philosophy. She plays very well the saxophone, and enjoys swimming and gymnastics, she is also a national champion of volleyball, and an expert in karate and judo.

Her favourite pastime is to shoot weapons, and can ride a horse, take and shoot rapidly a rifle of assault of Kalashnikov. In her hometown, Pskov Russia, she graduated from a policemen's secondary school and later she graduated of a police - juridical university with honours. Soon after graduating, she became a policewoman, and was assigned to do detective work. In August, 2002, they promoted her and became captain of police. She remains nowadays as detective in recess. She decided to extend her horizons and moved to Saint Petersburg where she attended the interior Russian university of ministry. Again, she graduated with honours and soon began a doctoral program in civil law; where she defended successfully her PhD's dissertation. On December 27, 2002. While she was working in her doctorate, she taught classes in the university, and nowadays continues as a civil law teacher.

She became world wide famous when she won the most prestigious and important beauty contest in the world, Miss Universe, on May 29, 2002. She had won before The Miss Kalokagatija 1999 (that in Greek means amiability / intelligence), The Miss Saint Petersburg Pageant in 1999, and the Miss Rusia in April, 2001. She decided to resign as Miss Universe in September, 2002 because she wanted to continue her studies and taking care of her sick relatives. She is, nevertheless, the most beautiful woman that has competed in a beauty contest until now ... and definitively the most prepared. How many beauty queens can say that they are policewoman, detective, attorney, university teacher, sustenance of her family and in addition Miss Universe?, and everything before the age of 25 !!!.

After her reign as Miss Universe 2002, she returned to Russia, where she began other exciting activities, they chose her as the host of " Spokoinoi Nochi, Malishi ", The number one childrenīs tv show in Russian television, in July, 2003, was a co-host of the Russian version of a very popular European Game show "Fort Boyard ", that was on the air from September to November, 2003 in "Telekanal Rossija". Also she was a co-chairman of the social Russian movement of youth " Energy of life ", and became member of " Pro Kremlin Russian Party of Life " (A popular political party).

She is a role model and inspiration to follow. She is a modern, sincere woman, whose will power and intelligence has made reach extraordinary goals.

You still donīt know who she is? Here is her information:

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This anecdote is from the month: APRIL 2004

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